Informed by expert analysis and crowdfunded by Kiwis like you. This website is designed to help everyday New Zealanders understand the TPPA.

Our environment is a casualty under TPPA

(It's not like we need air to live or anything...)

“The TPP poses a panoply of threats to our climate and environment. The weak conservation provisions of the TPP environment chapter do not change the fact that, under the TPP, governments would lose autonomy to enact policies to address the climate crisis, while corporations would gain new powers to challenge climate and environmental policies.” - Sierra Club Report: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement threatens our climate

TPPA will add an extra $2.7 billion to GDP by 2030

(That's a rise of 0.9% )

But hang on a minute, real GDP was already projected to increase by 47% without TPPA. So that's a 47.9% growth rate with TPPA or 47% without it.

Considering the trade-offs in that case, is TPPA really worth it?

It's not a healthy democracy if you can't understand it.

This website was crowdfunded by everyday New Zealanders who want to ensure that we are going into the biggest trade deal of our time with eyes wide open. Informed by research supported by a grant from the NZ Law Foundation. We've designed it so it's easy to share key facts with your friends and family.

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It's not a healthy democracy if you can't understand it.